It is a deep, big and fleshy spherical root, that grows in the plant with the same name, belonging tho the Chenopodioidae family . Beetroot is native to Africa, and belongs to the botanical species Beta marítima.

Since it is an organic product, it is free of pesticides, weed-killers and harmful toxins, in order to avoid residues accumulations. In this way it contributes to reduce diet-related diseases.

ANDALUCIAGreengrocer provides Organic Beetroots from February to July, with the best quality guarantee. It is produced in Andalucía (Southern Spain) and during the farming, advanced and environmentally-friendly techniques are used.






Storage and transport guarantees

Organic Betroot must be refrigerated during its storage and transport, at a temperature between 2º and 4ºC. GreenGrocer guarantees the cold chain maintenance and the best storage conditions from the harvest to the delivery.