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arbol greengrocerSales manager: Andrés Martínez Espinosa

Agronomist with a broad experience in the management of production, purchase and sale of fruits and vegetables.

Mail: andres@greengrocer.es

Telephone number: +34 607 34 98 10

arbol greengrocer 2Company manager: Diego Martínez Espinosa

Farmer and fruits and vegetables trader with a broad experience. He knows in detail all the products and the current international and national market.

Mail: diego@greengrocer.es

Telephone number: +34 610 96 29 17

arbol greengrocerResponsible Greengrocer in Mali: Juan Manuel Campos Ortíz

Spanish residing in the African country, is aware of the products and market in the country.

Telephone (Spain): +34 856 05 69 37

Phone (Mali): +34 223 78 86 87 75