In Greengrocer, we use the most advanced methods in the sowing of our products. In order to achieve a high efficacy, we carry out three kinds of sowing.

  • SIEMBRAMachinery sowing: we use the latest technology sowing machine in order to have an efficient process. In this way, we save costs and we can offer the best price to our clients. This technique is used for some kinds of vegetables.
  • SIEMBRA 2SIEMBRA 3Transplanting: this technique consists of transplanting individually every product by hand. Holes are made with a drill and our workers seed the product. This technique is used for leaf vegetables such as leek or pumpkin.
  • SIEMBRA 4Fruit trees: we select the best varieties and we assure that trees are carefully maintained. Greengrocer does not own fruit trees fields, but we supervise carefully the crops we select.




In order to guarantee that our fruits and vegetables have the best flavour, they are harvested at the right degree of ripeness, keeping in mind the transport time. To do this, we use two methods, which change depending on the product or the client requirements.

  • COSECHADO 2COSECHADO 1Machinery harvesting: this process is carried out by advanced harvesters. In this way, we can assume any order, regardless of size. We use this method, for example, with carrot or turnip.
  • Manual: in this case, all products are carefully harvested one by one. Some examples are harvesting of fruits or carrot bunchs. This process allows us to preserve the entire plant, keeping all of its properties.





PROCESADO 3When the product arrives to your company, it will be prepared for the distribution. We are in contact with processing facilities where the selection, washing and package of products is carried out.

PROCESADO 4During the processing each product reaches gradually the optimum storage and transport temperature.

  • We present you one of our packaging options, the “stew tray”. It contains several products ready to go to the market and to make its consumption easier. Do not hesitate to contact us.



We select the best services and guarantees for our customers. We facilitate all the delivery steps. We are constantly in touch with sea and land transportation companies. We have a broad experience in managing and monitoring these services, and we can offer preservation guarantees.